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Алерты ATP

Есть такой замечательный сайт Advanced Travel Partner, на котором, среди прочего, есть подписка на уведомления о проблемах в аэропортах мира.

Например, застрял ты в Цюрихе и читаешь:

Winter Weather Transport Delays Dec. 17 — Europe

Severity: Warning Alert

Environment: Winter weather disrupting transportation across Europe Dec. 17/18. Expect flight, road, and rail disruptions. The locations affected by this alert are:

• Austria
• Bulgaria
• Croatia
• France
• Germany
• Hungary
• Italy
• Netherlands
• Poland
• Switzerland

Harsh winter weather is complicating transportation across much of western and central Europe. Most major airports are open Dec. 17, but are operating with severe delays and sporadic cancellations; heavy snow in Germany prompted officials to ground at least 450 flights. Other countries where flight operations are severely affected include Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Poland.

Или, например, недоумеваешь по поводу того, как часто случались транспортные забастовки в прошлом октябре. Заодно строишь в голове рейтинг самых ленивых стран.

4 октября. Indefinite partial bus system strike possible in Phoenix, Ariz., US, starting Oct. 4.

7 октября. Flight Engineers Strike — Sweden

8 октября. Public Worker Strike Update 2 — France

8 октября. Airport cargo workers strike in Mumbai, India, Oct. 8. Expect major cargo-handling disruptions.

11 октября. Transportation: General strike to cause widespread flight cancellations at Paris-area airports Oct. 12. Confirm flights and be prepared to use alternate transport.

11 октября. Alert: Public Worker Strike Update 3 — France

12 октября. Alert: Kenya Airways Strike Update 1 — Kenya

12 октября. Immigration workers to stage 48-hour strike Oct. 13-14 in the UK. Border clearance delays likely at some airports and seaports.

13 октября. Alert: Public Worker Strike Update 4 — France

14 октября. Alert: Air Traffic Controller Strike Oct. 17 — Greece

14 октября. Public Worker Strike Update 5 — France

14 октября. Airport Worker Strike — Cyprus

15 октября. Public Worker Strike Update — France

15 октября. Transportation: Public sector unions plan strike and protests across France Oct. 19. Expect extensive transportation disruptions

15 октября. UPDATE 1: Rail workers to strike in Belgium Oct. 17–18. Expect extensive passenger and freight delays

16 октября. Alert: Public Worker Strike Update 7 — France

16 октября. Alert: Oil Refinery Strike — France

17 октября. Alert: Oil Refinery Strike Update 1 — France

18 октября. Public Worker Strike Oct. 19 Update 1 — France

20 октября. Alert: Oil Refinery/Port Strike Update 2 — France

23 октября. Alert: Rail Strike Oct. 24–27, 29-30 — Greece

25 октября. Rail Strike Update 1 — Greece

25 октября. Aviation Union Strike Oct. 25 — Finland

26 октября. Rail Strike Oct. 26 — Germany

27 октября. Alert: Aviation Strike Nov. 4 — France

28 октября. Brit Air personnel plan 48-hour strike in France Oct. 30–31. Expect flight cancellations and delays.

Про взрыв в Домодедове сообщили практически так же быстро, как об этом стали писать в твиттерах, но подробнее и хорошим слогом.

A powerful explosion at Domodedovo Airport (DME) in southeast Moscow Jan. 24, killed at least 10 people and injured a number of others at the O2 restaurant. Authorities believe it might have been a suicide bomber, but initial reports are still inconclusive. Operations at the facility have been halted as of 1720. It is unclear how long it will take authorities to reopen the airport. Disruptions are likely even after DME reopens as the backlog in flights is cleared.

Security inspections may also prompt flight disruptions at Vnukovo (VKO) and Sheremetyevo (SVO) airports, especially as some inbound flights at Domodedovo will probably be diverted to those facilities.

Confirm all flights. Avoid nonessential ground travel in Moscow until weather conditions improve. Expect checkpoints around the airport and in southern Moscow. Do not check out of your hotel before confirming onward transportation.

А сегодня за ночь пришла целая пачка уведомлений о непогоде.

0530 AM. Alert: Cyclone Yasi — Queensland, Australia

0530 AM. Alert: Mount Shinmoedake Eruption Update 2 — Japan

0545 AM. Alert: Security Situation — Tunisia

0545 AM. Alert: Anti-Government Protests Update 6 — Egypt

0600 AM. Alert: Anti-Government Protests Feb. 3 — Yemen

Все это настолько интересно, что вместо завтрака я написал этот пост :-)

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