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Spent some time to add comments to this blog. I didn’t want to create the whole scheme with user database, registering, confirmations, password recoveries etc. Instead I use OpenID and allow posintg comments if you have one of those.

Today’s situation with multiple web services and OpenID in particular resembles the dictionary with recursive definitions which use itself to be defined. Cool! Just wait several years and with no work you can utilize other’s human brain :-)

blog — 14 октября 2008

Комментарии, 14 октября 2008

Recurcive definition? That means that I have to test comments facility myself :-), 14 октября 2008

That probably means "ash's blog" does NOT run on Rakudo. I wish it did ;), 14 октября 2008

It eats slashes!, 14 октября 2008

Does not 'slash it!' sound like 'slash eat!'?

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