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The future and the past

Long, long ago I realized that the humanity lives in the past. Yes, really: say, where do you live? In the house that was built maybe one year, or maybe a hundred years ago, but anyway in the past. Might happen that the building is older than you are, that is it is definitely from the past. Which cars do you use? Those made in the past.

Did you ever think which air planes do we use? Very often they are more than ten or twenty years old. All the design, most of the equipment is from the past. But that is not the endpoint. That design, with which an air craft was built, appeared even before, thus you should add another five of ten years to allow engineers to make all the circuits and documentation.

Which medicine is modern? Those which was invented in the past. Medication is a thing to be tested before use. Tests are not a quick thing, they may take years.

Still don’t belive you live in the past? Remember the books you read and from which you obtain your knowledge. None of them is written in the future. Everything is from the past. Every idea, every word is from there.

Belive? OK, that’s only half truth. The full is that we live in the past but are able to prepare the future. Where then do we live? We live in the point Now, and what is it? I think it is a balance point, the balance between the past and the future.

The balance between two sides of the time axis is what can be manipulated by a person. There is no need in trying to change the balance, you still can live without thinking about the time you may manage.

Things in the past have no chance to escape from there. Of course, that does not mean that they are stalled and never change. They may evolve, change rapidly, or transform into other things that will be considered new. But they are from the past, and if this is you who created it, you may be proud, or happy, or indifferent for that. But the question is: should you try changing it?

The answer is in the my time balance theory. I have lots of ideas which need my time to be implemented. I have lots of things which already appeared. Everything is restricted by the time. To create new things you should not try change things which were created in the past. This is difficult to put a line between what have to be in the past and what you have to move to the future.

My decision is to stop polishing things which move the balance to the side of the past.

time — 8 декабря 2008

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