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New talks

A few talks I am going to give soon:

YAPC::Europe 2009, Lisbon, 3–5 August.

Measuring Perl in square kilometers (ligntning talk)

History of Russian-ish Perl community and its future plans at a glance.

Italian Perl Workshop, Pisa, 22–23 October.
Baltic Perl Workshop, Riga, 21 November.

Features of 5.10 in use

Although I have installed 5.10 on each machine I use just in a few days after the release, I've started to use new features of the language in real programmes after a year only.

I am going to show a number of examplaes from a real web application which extensively uses named captures in regular expressions as well as other new keywords.

Additionally: random thoughts about Modern::Perl and teaching Perl. essentials (lightning talk)

A brief talk about how new is organized and how local Perl people can contibute.

perl, talk — 24 июля 2009

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